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Diving Blind

Recently in the Nashville area there was a report of a body in the Harpeth River. With all the necessary folks on the scene, divers went down into the river to retrieve the body, only to discover it was a beaver. A very large beaver.

A week later, the man sitting next to me at Starbucks was relating the story, and it was clear he was one of the divers in the water. After his conversation partner left, I introduced myself and said as a diver, I’ve been interested in getting involved in volunteer rescue and recovery diving for the city. It turns out, he’s the captain/director/man-in-charge of the program. They’re expanding from 10 to 20 divers and he encouraged me to apply. So I did!

The diving is year round and much of the local diving is in water with extremely limited visibility (zero?). So the training and experience I’ll get if they bring me into the program will be substantial. It should significantly increase my safety and confidence as a recreational diver.

I’ll keep this post updated with my progress in the application process, assuming they follow up on my application.


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